Desmond P. F. Auer

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Polysaccharide formation by Aureobasidium pullulans was affected by the nitrogen source in the medium, and its yield fell when excess ammonium ions were present, even under conditions which otherwise supported its synthesis. Experiments carried out with pH control gave results which question some of the earlier published data, so it is possible to obtain(More)
This study was conducted to characterize a novel Fusarium species that caused leaf and stem spot on Agapanthus praecox (Agapanthus, African lily) in northern Italy and leaf rot and spot on the same host in Melbourne, Australia. Formally described as Fusarium agapanthi, this pathogen was analyzed using phenotypic, phytopathogenic, secondary metabolite,(More)
Options for the integrated management of white blister (caused by Albugo candida) of Brassica crops include the use of well timed overhead irrigation, resistant cultivars, programs of weekly fungicide sprays or strategic fungicide applications based on the disease risk prediction model, Brassicaspot™. Initial systematic surveys of radish producers near(More)
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