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Network analysis detects changes in the contralesional hemisphere following stroke
We used diffusion MRI tractography to assess connectivity between brain regions in chronic stroke patients and 18 age-matched controls. Expand
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Connectivity-based parcellation of human cortex using diffusion MRI: Establishing reproducibility, validity and observer independence in BA 44/45 and SMA/pre-SMA
We explore the reproducibility, generalizability and validity of diffusion tractography-based localization in four functional areas across subjects, timepoints and scanners, and validate findings against fMRI and post-mortem cytoarchitectonic data. Expand
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An Introduction to Financial Option Valuation
This is a lively textbook providing a solid introduction to financial option valuation for undergraduate students armed with a working knowledge of a first year calculus. Expand
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Black-Scholes for scientific computing students
We use the Black-Scholes option valuation theory to motivate exercises in Monte Carlo simulation, matrix computation, and numerical methods for partial differential equations. Expand
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Non-Backtracking Alternating Walks
The combinatorics of walks on a graph is a key topic in network science. Expand
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Beyond non-backtracking: non-cycling network centrality measures
Walks around a graph are studied in a wide range of fields, from graph theory and stochastic analysis to theoretical computer science and physics. In many cases it is of interest to focus onExpand
DTI-driven segmentation of human cortex - methods, validation and reproducibility
We present and validate a fully automated approach utilising k-means segmentation of connectivity profiles to differentiate between a) SMA and pre-SMA and b) Brodmann's areas 44 and 45. Expand
Commentary on Dehmer and Mowshowitz
1. we strongly disagree with the journal’s action of publishing this article online without first informing those authors who have been criticized and hence, without giving them the opportunity to respond before the criticism appeared in the public domain. Expand