Desmond D Hunt

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PURPOSE Integrated clinical clerkships represent a relatively new and innovative approach to medical education that uses continuity as an organizing principle, thus increasing patient-centeredness and learner-centeredness. Medical schools are offering longitudinal integrated clinical clerkships in increasing numbers. This report collates the experiences of(More)
Shortages of primary care physicians have historically affected rural areas more severely than urban and suburban areas. In 1970, the University of Washington School of Medicine (UWSOM) administrators and faculty initiated a four-state, community-based program to increase the number of generalist physicians throughout a predominantly rural and underserved(More)
The teachers who play the all-important role of enabling students to learn on clinical clerkships must balance the two essential skills of being a good role model and maintaining objectivity in order to identify students with a variety of problems. This study describes the findings of a survey that identifies both the type of the problems that most bother(More)
An assessment of how well graduates of one medical school performed in residency training was undertaken to assess the school's monitoring of students' performances. The minutes of the school's student progress committee for four years were reviewed to identify all students who had had academic difficulty. Seven students had been recommended for dismissal(More)
A Vietnamese Depression Scale (VDS) was developed in 1982 in the United States and has been used as a screening tool for depression and as the basis for a standardized interview to assess depression in the Vietnamese refugee populations. In this current study, the VDS was used in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to assess depression in patients who were already(More)
BACKGROUND Some call it "medical bigotry," and others describe it as the "hidden curriculum," but, by any name, the superficial and demeaning comments that students hear about particular career choices are thought to play a major role in discouraging the selection of primary care careers. This paper explores the frequency and effect of "badmouthing" on(More)
  • Desmond D Hunt
  • Academic medicine : journal of the Association of…
  • 1992
To ensure that graduates are ready to move on to residency, medical schools need systems to monitor students' progress through clinical experiences. Clinical rotations occur in geographically separated settings in a variety of disciplines that use evaluators of varying levels of experience. That this complexity lends itself to error has been documented by(More)