Desmond A. Johnston

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The incidence of adenocarcinoma arising at the esophagogastric junction (EGJ) is increasing at a rate greater than that for any other form of solid malignancy. Commensurate with this, the incidence of histologically similar tumors arising in the gastric body and antral mucosa is declining. The increased incidence of the proximal group of tumors may reflect,(More)
34 patients were endoscopically reexamined once a month while receiving ranitidine 150 mg at night to sustain remission of a duodenal ulcer. The cumulative recurrence rate after 1 year of maintenance treatment was 48%. 71% of recurrences were painless when first detected. The monthly percentage probabilities for asymptomatic ulcers rehealing, remaining(More)
New medical graduates in the UK are known as Preregistration House Officers (PRHOs). At the end of this first postgraduate year, the Postgraduate Dean is responsible for allowing the PRHO to be fully registered with the General Medical Council. During the period 1999-2002 Professor Miriam Friedman Ben-David designed a more robust approach to appraisal and(More)
Four dimensional simplicial gravity has been studied by means of Monte Carlo simulations for some time [1], the main outcome of the studies being that the model undergoes a discontinuous phase transition [2] between an elongated and a crumpled phase when one changes the curvature (Newton) coupling. In the crumpled phase there are singular vertices growing(More)
1. Epidermal growth factor and the related peptide transforming growth factor alpha have been implicated in the stimulation of gastric mucosal proliferation. We assessed the immunohistochemical distribution of these peptides and their receptor, epidermal growth factor receptor, in mucosa from the antrum and body of the stomach from 28 patients. Twenty-three(More)
Plasma concentrations of cimetidine and ranitidine were measured after oral administration (n = 5 for cimetidine, n = 5 for ranitidine) or intravenous administration (n = 6 for cimetidine, n = 4 for ranitidine) in habitual smokers, once when cigarettes were smoked and again on a separate day when cigarettes were prohibited. After oral administration plasma(More)
The human oesophageal epithelium is subject to damage from thermal stresses and low extracellular pH that can play a role in the cancer progression sequence, thus identifying a physiological model system that can be used to determine how stress responses control carcinogenesis. The classic heat shock protein HSP70 is not induced but rather is down-regulated(More)
BACKGROUND The oesophageal epithelium is exposed routinely to noxious agents in the environment, including gastric acid, thermal stress, and chemical toxins. These epithelial cells have presumably evolved effective protective mechanisms to withstand tissue damage and repair injured cells. Heat shock protein or stress protein responses play a central role in(More)
Rioprostil is a 16-methyl-16-hydroxy alcohol analogue of prostaglandin E1 with anti-secretory activity. We have compared the effects of the orally administered drug with those of placebo and of intravenous ranitidine on the rate of gastric emptying of liquids and on the disposal of acid in the stomach, by measuring the response to an intragastrically(More)