Desislava Ivanova

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As modern scientific and engineering computing matures, the demands for high-speed computational resources are growing at a rapid rate. The communication performance of system area network is a crucial factor influencing the parallel performance of computer clusters which form the prevailing architecture of modern high-performance computer systems. In this(More)
Potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTVd) is an infectious small, circular, non-coding single-stranded RNA that induces disease on many crop species, ornamental plants, weeds and parasitic plants. PSTVd propagate in their host as a population of closely related but non-identical RNA variants referred to as quasispecies. Recently, we have described three de novo(More)
The paper focuses on the latest trends in supercomputer and high-performance computer architectures with emphasis of the important parameters for parallel computer performance. The main objective is to propose the high-speed network architecture for collective communications in supercomputers "Silicon Galaxy" that provides high-bandwidth, low latency and(More)
Резюме Разглежда се спецификата на съзависимото поведение, моделите на терапевтично въздействие, тяхната научна обоснованост и практическа ефективност. Фокусът е върху възможностите на мотивационното интервюиране – една сравнително нова терапия в областта на зависимите поведения със специфични техники, които са насочени към проява и мобилизиране на(More)
The communication performance of multistage interconnection networks is a crucial factor influencing the parallel performance of high-performance computer clusters. In this paper we have proposed a methodology for parallelization of an OMNET++ sequential model. We designed in parallel manner a multistage BBN interconnect network topology to meet the demands(More)
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