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Plants defend themselves against virus/viroid infection by induction of a mechanism of viral RNA degradation or translation inhibition. This is achieved by the production of small RNAs referred to as small interfering RNAs and microRNA, the key molecules in establishment of RNA directed silencing. Potato Spindle Tuber Viroid (PSTVd) was the first viroid(More)
RNA-dependent DNA methylation (RdDM) is an important regulatory event involved in repressive epigenetic modifications that can trigger transcriptional gene silencing (TGS). The criteria we used to pick out promoter sequences targeted by RdDM in Arabidopsis thaliana were the main RdDM hallmark properties: 24nt siRNAs as inducers of DNA methylation and(More)
The design of an interconnection network and switch architectural design are significantly influenced by contemporary supercomputer technology. As technology evolves, its impact on interconnection network needs to be reevaluated and elaborated. In this paper we have traced the path in this direction and addressed performance analyses of a high speed 4x4(More)
Potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTVd) is an infectious small, circular, non-coding single-stranded RNA that induces disease on many crop species, ornamental plants, weeds and parasitic plants. PSTVd propagate in their host as a population of closely related but non-identical RNA variants referred to as quasispecies. Recently, we have described three de novo(More)
BACKGROUND Components of nicotine reward system can potentially influence smoking behavior. The μ-opioid receptor (OPRM1) binds the endogenous opioid peptide β-endorphin and mediates the reinforcing effects of nicotine, while the GluR5 kainate receptor subunit (encoded by GRIK1 gene), a binding site for known mediators of glutamate neurotransmission,(More)
The communication performance of multistage interconnection networks is a crucial factor influencing the parallel performance of high-performance computer clusters. In this paper we have proposed a methodology for parallelization of an OMNET++ sequential model. We designed in parallel manner a multistage BBN interconnect network topology to meet the demands(More)
As modern scientific and engineering computing matures, the demands for high-speed computational resources are growing at a rapid rate. The communication performance of system area network is a crucial factor influencing the parallel performance of computer clusters which form the prevailing architecture of modern high-performance computer systems. In this(More)
The paper focuses on the latest trends in supercomputer and high-performance computer architectures with emphasis of the important parameters for parallel computer performance. The main objective is to propose the high-speed network architecture for collective communications in supercomputers "Silicon Galaxy" that provides high-bandwidth, low latency and(More)
This paper presents the specificity of the codependent behaviour, some models of therapeutical effect, their scientific validity and practical effectiveness. The focus is on the possibilities of motivational interviewing one comparatively new therapy in the area of dependent behaviours with specific techniques, which are directed towards the act and the(More)
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