Desiree L Krebs

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Extensive evidence shows that hippocampal infusions of glucose enhance spontaneous alternation (SA) performance or reverse deficits in this task. The current experiments determined whether the enhancing effects of hippocampal infusions of glucose are restricted to spatial working memory. Specifically we tested whether hippocampal infusions of glucose would(More)
Hippocampal infusions of glucose reverse memory deficits in spontaneous alternation and in a continuous multiple trial inhibitory avoidance task. The current experiments tested whether glucose metabolism may participate in these effects of glucose. Specifically, these experiments determined whether the glycolytic metabolite pyruvate would mimic these(More)
Emotional arousal enhances memory, and this memory-enhancing effect may involve neurochemicals released by arousal, such as glucose and cortisol. Physiological consequences of arousal change with age, and these changes may contribute to age-related memory decline. The present study examined whether emotionally arousing pictures would affect glucose and(More)
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