Desimir Vucic

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A new method for direct self-localization of IR UWB nodes in indoor scenarios is proposed. The localization system consists of a reference node with synchronized spatially distributed antennas that transmit the same UWB impulse sequence used for self-localization. The nodes that perform selflocalization have perfect knowledge of antenna locations and UWB(More)
A new, matrix-based, stochastic method for the cyclic spectral analysis of frequency hopping signals (FH), based on Markov chain signal representation, is proposed. By applying the suggested technique, explicit expression for the cyclic spectrum of FH/MFSK signals is obtained. Some theoretical and graphed results of the spectral correlation characterization(More)
The most common algorithms for signal selective position determination of radio signal emitters are based on selective estimation of a specified parameter such as direction of arrival (DOA) or time of arrival (TOA) of the signal. The estimated parameters are then used to determine the transmitter's location. These positioning methods are known as two-step(More)
In this paper, we propose two spectral cyclic MUSIC DOA estimation algorithms for wideband cyclostationary signals: the wideband spectral cyclic conjugate MUSIC (WSCCM) algorithm and the extended wideband spectral cyclic MUSIC (EWSCM) algorithm. The proposed algorithms can be applied to estimate the spectral cyclic conjugate correlation matrix and the(More)
Multisensor data fusion is very important in defence systems. Data fusion can be used to integrate individual sensor data into the common operational picture of the battlefield. However, there is still a possibility to improve the quality of individual sensors. In this paper, we investigate a possibility to improve the quality of individual sensor data from(More)
The localisation of wideband signals emitters can be performed using one-step techniques. Most of the one-step techniques or direct position determination methods are based on the spectral correlation matrix estimation. In order to improve accuracy of the emitter localisation, we investigate two approaches: coherent and noncoherent direct position(More)
An approach for fine determination of transmitting antenna positions in distributed antenna system used for UWB indoor self-localization is proposed. Proposed solution is based on the ranging of the transmitting antennas by the use of the high-resolution MUSIC based method developed by authors for UWB self-localization. Performances of the proposed solution(More)
Cyclic spectral analysis of OFDM/OQAM signals with cyclostationary signature is performed by the proposed matrix-based stochastic method based on their Markov chain representation. An exact expression for the cyclic spectrum of these signals is derived, and the corresponding cyclic features are analyzed.<sup>&#x2217;</sup>
A unified, matrix-based, stochastic method for cyclic spectral analysis of ultra-wideband impulse radio signals, based on their Markov chain representation, is proposed. Explicit expressions are obtained for the cyclic spectrum of pulse position modulation and pulse amplitude modulation with time-hopping and direct sequence coding, respectively. Some(More)