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Fast-sequencing throughput methods have increased the number of completely sequenced bacterial genomes to about 400 by December 2006, with the number increasing rapidly. These include several strains. In silico methods of comparative genomics are of use in categorizing and phylogenetically sorting these bacteria. Various word-based tools have been used for(More)
Shampoos are kind of formulation that are used for hair and body washing or therapeutic purposes. Shampoos are expected to be much more than mere cleansing agents. The findings of this investigation reveal that synthetic preservatives have sometimes been the cause of adverse effects among consumers, so it’s the challenge to prepare a complete herbal shampoo(More)
The chemoprotective activity of Piper betle methanolic extract has been studied using swiss albino mice bone marrow as an in vivo model. The methanolic extract (ME) effectively prevented cyclophosphamide (CP) induced chromosomal aberration. Animals were injected (i.p.) with 100mg/kg body weight of 50% methanolic extract (ME) of Piper betle as a single dose(More)
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