Desheng Shang

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OBJECTIVE The purposes of this study were to analyze the relation between enhancement patterns on dynamic enhanced MRI and histologic microvessel patterns of solitary pulmonary nodules (SPNs) and to address the topic of false-positive findings in differentiating SPNs with dynamic MRI. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Sixty-eight patients with 68 pathologically proven(More)
A number of recent studies have shown conflicting evidence as to common or distinct representations between symbolic ordinality and quantity. We investigated this issue through a series of neuropsychological tests in a unique Chinese patient with the left angular gyrus and left supramarginal gyrus lesions. Behavioral experiments revealed that (1) the(More)
There have been reports of various etiologies associated with reversible splenial lesions manifested as obviously restricted diffusion. We describe for a 27-year-old woman suffering from late postpartum preeclampsia associated with reversible splenial lesions. This association has not been reported to date. Awareness that profound late postpartum(More)
This paper is concerned with bifurcation of limit cycles in a fourth-order near-Hamiltonian system with quartic perturbations. By bifurcation theory, proper perturbations are given to show that the system may have 20, 21 or 23 limit cycles with different distributions. This shows thatH(4) ≥ 20, whereH(n) is the Hilbert number for the second part of(More)
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