Desheng Liu

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Land surface temperature (LST) retrieved from satellite thermal sensors often consists of mixed temperature components. Retrieving subpixel LST is therefore needed in various environmental and ecological studies. In this paper, we developed two methods for downscaling coarse resolution thermal infrared (TIR) radiance for the purpose of subpixel temperature(More)
Efforts to model the potential habitat and risk for spread of invasive diseases such as Sudden Oak Death (SOD) are important for disease regulation and management. However, spatially referenced risk models using identical data can have differing results, making decision-making based on the mapped results problematic. We examined the results from five(More)
The difficulty to obtain a stable estimate of fractal dimension for stochastic fractal (e.g., urban form) is an unsolved issue in fractal analysis. The widely used box-counting method has three main issues: 1) ambiguities in setting up a proper box cover of the object of interest; 2) problems of limited data points for box sizes; 3) difficulty in(More)
—Thermal infrared (TIR) imagery plays a critical role in characterizing land surface processes and modeling energy balances. However, due to the low TIR radiance emitted from the Earth's surface, TIR imagery acquired from satellite thermal sensors is often with limited spatial resolutions, which presents a serious obstacle to its applications in(More)
First principles calculations are performed to study the transport properties of H or H2 edge-hydrogenated zigzag silicene nanoribbon slices with 6 zigzag chains (6ZSiNR) as well as OH or O edge-oxidized 6ZSiNR slices connected with H-terminated 6ZSiNR electrodes. We mainly focus on two configurations: symmetric edge modification and asymmetric edge(More)