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Input-series and output-parallel (ISOP) connected DC-DC converters are suitable for high voltage input and high current output applications by using low voltage rating switches. Cross feedback output current sharing (CFOCS) control can realize the power balance between each module easily and effectively. This paper describes the stability mechanism analysis(More)
Input-series-output-parallel (ISOP) connected DC-DC converters enable low voltage rating switches to be used in high voltage input applications. In this paper, a DSP is adopted to generate digital phase-shifted PWM signals and to fulfill the closed-loop control function for ISOP connected two full-bridge DC-DC converters. Moreover, a stable output current(More)
A high-frequency isolated bidirectional three-level dc-dc converter is proposed for high voltage applications. Direct current slew rate (DCSR) control of leakage inductance is proposed to minimize conduction loss and current stress in facing the load variation, the mismatch of turns ratio and circuit parasitic parameters. The mode analysis and the(More)
This paper describes an active voltage control for IGBT connected in series. The gate drive circuit not only amplifies the control signal, but also control the IGBT's dv/dt and over voltage during switching transient. This make the switching performance less dependent on IGBT itself. This paper provides a stability analysis to judge the controller(More)
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