Desen Sun

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Silica nanoparticles (SiO2 NPs) cause oxidative stress in respiratory system. Meanwhile, human cells launch adaptive responses to overcome SiO2 NP toxicity. However, besides a few examples, the regulation of SiO2 NP-responsive proteins and their functions in SiO2 NP response remain largely unknown. In this study, we demonstrated that SiO2 NP induced the(More)
Frequency following response (FFR) and auditory brain stem evoked potential response (ABR) were used to determine the auditory acuity in evaluating the effect of electro-acupuncture treatment of kanamycin-induced auditory impairment in guinea pigs. The succinate dehydrogenase (SDH) activity and morphological changes of the inner ear receptors were examined(More)
We adopted the technique and method of integrating the morphology with function to select the effective acupoints for treatment of deafness. The results show that: (1) Tinggong (SI 19), Yifeng (TE 17), Waiguan (TE 5), Shenshu (UB 23), Sanyinjiao (SP 6) and Zhubin (KI 9) etc. are the effectine acupoints for the treatment of ototoxic auditory damage caused by(More)
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