Desanka Tasić-Dimov

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Tumors of the bladder, particularly urothelial carcinoma (UC) are very rare malignant diseases in young people. They mostly occur in elder persons of male gender. We present 8 patients below 35 years of age, (average age 24.7), in whom the presence of UC was verified. The main symptom was total or terminal hematuria. The results showed that 5 patients had(More)
A case is reported of a solid variant of infiltrating papillary carcinoma of the breast with mucinous differentiation in a 74-year-old woman. Macroscopically, the tumor was solid and lobular, 4.5 cm in diameter. Light microscopy showed solid papillary invasive carcinoma mixed with infiltrating ductal carcinoma, not otherwise specified. Abundant(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate nuclear size and integrated optical density of parenchymal cells from various organs in patients with Down syndrome and a control group. STUDY DESIGN During the years 1988-2000, 14 cases of Down syndrome were found (8 male and 6 female). Ten infants without congenital anomalies died of respiratory distress syndrome and were used as a(More)
Two distinct systems of different origin are involved in the pathogenesis of both infectious and immunological vasculitis syndrome: nitric oxide (NO) from endothelial cells and granulocyte NADPH oxidase. In this study, in 31 children with immune system dysfunction, NO, NO synthase (NOS) and antioxidant enzyme activities [catalase, superoxide dismutase(More)
The last decade witnessed an explosion of interest in cancer stem cells (CSCs). The realization of epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) as a CSC-related disease has the potential to change approaches in the treatment of this devastating disease dramatically. The etiology and early events in the progression of these carcinomas are among the least understood of(More)
BACKGROUND In recent decades, medical community has increasingly been calling attention to the importance of Campylobacter as an disease-causing agent in humans. Nowadays, Campylobacter jejuni (C. jejuni) is known as the most frequent bacterial cause of diarrhea worldwide. Epidemiological differences of the infections caused by Campylobacter, present in the(More)
Chondromas are benign cartilaginous tumours that are uncommon in the head and neck region. Only few cases of chondroma have been reported in the trachea. We present a 70-year-old patient who presented clinically with severe dyspnoea requiring urgent tracheotomy. An oval, expansive, well-delineated tracheal tumour was evident on magnetic resonance imaging.(More)
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