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Recent studies have shown that MRS can substantially improve the non-invasive categorization of human brain tumours. However, in order for MRS to be used routinely by clinicians, it will be necessary to develop reliable automated classification methods that can be fully validated. This paper is in two parts: the first part reviews the progress that has been(More)
A computer-based decision support system to assist radiologists in diagnosing and grading brain tumours has been developed by the multi-centre INTERPRET project. Spectra from a database of 1H single-voxel spectra of different types of brain tumours, acquired in vivo from 334 patients at four different centres, are clustered according to their pathology,(More)
Analysis of UK total-diet samples for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons was carried out using a simplified sample clean-up and a high-performance liquid chromatography dual fluorescence detector system. The results indicate that cereals and oils/fats contribute the major part (approximately one third each) of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in these(More)
Phosphonoacetic acid (PAA) inhibited the synthesis of herpes simplex virus DNA in infected cells and the activity of the virus-specific DNA polymerase in vitro. In the presence of concentrations of PAA sufficient to prevent virus growth and virus DNA synthesis, normal amounts of early virus proteins (alpha- and beta-groups) were made, but late virus(More)
In this study, 60 female subjects, aged between 25 and 40 years, were divided into two equal groups on the basis of absence or presence of headache. A passive accessory intervertebral mobility (PAIVM) examination was performed to confirm an upper cervical articular cause of the subjects' headache and a questionnaire was used to establish a profile of the(More)
Objective: To describe an Internet-accessible database that contains validated in vivo MR spectra and clinical data of brain tumour patients. Materials and methods: All data from patients entering the INTERPRET project (International Network for Pattern Recognition of Tumours Using Magnetic Resonance, http://azizu.uab.es/INTERPRET ) were stored in a(More)
Interest in Java implementations for resource-constrained environments such as embedded systems has been tempered by concerns regarding its efficiency. Current native compilers for Java offer dramatic increases in efficiency, but have poor support for dynamically-loaded classes, which are typically served by slow interpreters or JIT compilers, the code-size(More)
The ability to classify spectra of tumours according to their stage and type will be essential if magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) is to be used as an aid in the diagnosis of cancer. MRS data are normally classified on the basis of selected peak measurements but these may be difficult to extract automatically. We present two alternative methods of(More)