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Depending on the evolutions in electronics, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have been very popular in many areas of human life such as health, industry, and military. This popularity has drawn the attention of many researchers toward WSNs. WSNs are especially favorable in conditions in which it is physically difficult and dangerous for human beings to(More)
Today most of the satellite systems are designed in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite systems.Because the satellites which are located in these orbits have small propagation delays than the satellites in other orbits. And also the closeness of LEOs to the earth gives them an advantage that there isn't any need to the more power for having a communication with(More)
All communication systems must be controlled by strong traffic management architectures. In such systems, many calls are transmitted through many nodes. In this way, a call is blocked if the system is overloaded or the link between the current nodes is deactivated. In this study, we analyze and control the traffic of our sample communication system under(More)
—Since the satellites become more common for today's communication area, the process and the improvements in the satellite networks are gaining importance. One of the challenges in satellite networks is the routing operation between two end nodes, because, these networks have dynamic changing satellite movements. During these movements, a satellite can give(More)
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