Derya Uçmak

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CONTEXT Anthrax is a rare disease cause by Bacillus anthracis, a Gram-positive, rod-shaped endospore-forming capsuled bacterium. Anthrax is manifest in three primary forms: cutaneous, respiratory, and gastrointestinal. Cutaneous anthrax accounts for approximately 95% of all cases of anthrax in humans. OBJECTIVE In the present study, we evaluated the(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate choroidal thickness (CT) in patients with psoriasis using enhanced depth imaging optical coherence tomography (EDI-OCT) and to determine its relationship with psoriasis activity indices. In this prospective study, EDI-OCT images were obtained in consecutive patients with psoriasis and in age–gender-matched healthy(More)
AIM To evaluate the blood flow in arteries of the orbit in patients with psoriasis. METHODS In total, 30 patients with psoriasis and 30 healthy control subjects were recruited to the study. Standard ophthalmic evaluation, fundus examination and retrobulbar colour Doppler ultrasonography assessment were performed. The ophthalmic, posterior ciliary and(More)
AIM The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of psoriatic arthritis (PsA) on sleep quality and investigate the association between sleep quality and clinical parameters of PsA, quality of life and psychological state in patients with PsA. METHOD Forty-one patients with PsA and 38 healthy volunteers were included in this study. In both(More)
Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Syndrome (BRBNS) is a syndrome that is characterized with cutaneous venous malformations besides visceral involvement. Visceral involvement affects mostly the gastrointestinal (GI) system. As these venous malformations can lead to life-threatening serious GI bleeding, anemia is an important clue to diagnosis. A 18-year-old female(More)
BACKGROUND Pruritus ani (PA) is defined as intense chronic itching affecting perianal skin. OBJECTIVE We aimed to determine the efficacy of topical tacrolimus treatment in atopic dermatitis (AD) patients who have PA. METHODS The study included 32 patients with AD who were suffering PA. Patients were randomized into two groups. In total, 16 patients used(More)
BACKGROUND Factitial dermatitis describes self-produced and consciously made skin lesions usually intended to win sympathy, avoid responsibilities and even gain disability insurance. Dermatitis artefacta belongs to an extensive spectrum of self-inflicted diseases termed factitious diseases. OBJECTIVES The study is retrospective, and the patients were seen(More)
BACKGROUND Dermoscopy is a method to aid in the visualization of the epidermis and dermis. In recent years, the use of dermoscopy in the diagnosis of non-melanocytic lesions such as those of leishmania cutis has increased. OBJECTIVES This study was intended to establish whether dermoscopic investigation has any diagnostic value in cutaneous leishmaniasis(More)
BACKGROUND Increased reactive oxygen species (ROS) and lipid peroxidation are seen in many dermatologic disorders, including atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, vitiligo, acne vulgaris, pemphigus vulgaris (PV), lichen planus and alopecia areata. In PV, the increased production of ROS from activated neutrophils reduces the concentrations of antioxidant vitamins(More)
BACKGROUND In this study, we sought to evaluate atrial electromechanical properties and conduction homogeneity by tissue Doppler imaging and electrocardiography in patients with psoriasis. METHODS Thirty-four patients with psoriasis and 30 age- and gender-matched healthy controls were included in the study. Atrial electromechanical coupling intervals were(More)