Derya Deniz Ozdemir

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Identification of tissue-specific renal stem/progenitor cells with nephrogenic potential is a critical step in developing cell-based therapies for renal disease. In the human kidney, stem/progenitor cells are induced into the nephrogenic pathway to form nephrons until the 34 week of gestation, and no equivalent cell types can be traced in the adult kidney.(More)
INTRODUCTION Rosa26 is a genomic mouse locus commonly used to knock-in cDNA constructs for ubiquitous or conditional gene expression in transgenic mice. However, the vectors generally used to generate Rosa26 knock-in constructs show instability problems, which have a severe impact on the efficiency of the system. RESULTS We have optimized the cloning(More)
We report for the first time the frequency distributions of HLA-DRB1 and -DQB1 genes in 55 patients with testicular germ cell carcinoma (TGC) using the modified PCR-RFLP method and compare the results with those for 1216 healthy Japanese control subjects. The modified PCR-RFLP method produced accurate, reproducible cleavage patterns that are easily(More)
Wilms' tumours, paediatric kidney cancers, are the archetypal example of tumours caused through the disruption of normal development. The genetically best-defined subgroup of Wilms' tumours is the group caused by biallelic loss of the WT1 tumour suppressor gene. Here, we describe a developmental series of mouse models with conditional loss of Wt1 in(More)
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