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BACKGROUND Organ transplant recipients are predisposed to a variety of cutaneous complications due to immunosuppressive therapy. We aimed to determine the prevalence and the clinical spectrum of skin diseases in renal transplant recipients (RTRs). METHODS One hundred and eleven RTRs were examined at the Renal Transplantation Center in Ege University(More)
OBJECTIVE Chronic urticaria is characterized by oedema of the skin and mucous membranes. Although many agents have been implicated, aetiology is unknown in 70 to 75% of patients. Infections and foci of chronic infections are most commonly held responsible for chronic urticaria. In this study, the frequency of nasal carriage as the occult focus of infection(More)
Background: Non pigmented eccrine poroma is a benign tumor that can have dermoscopic features mimicking malign neoplasias. The characteristic vascular pattern of this tumor hasn’t been established. We found a scarcely reported vascular pattern, which can be useful to distinguish this tumor from malignant ones and propose a new nomenclature to these vessels(More)
Tinea incognita is a dermatophyte infection with atypical clinical features modified by the improper use of corticosteroids or calcineurin inhibitors. The aim of this study was to analyze clinical and microbiological features of patients with tinea incognita. A total of 6326 patients referred to mycology laboratory between January 2008 and January 2011 for(More)
BACKGROUND Data on the dermoscopic features of fungal melanonychia are limited. AIM To identify the dermoscopic features of fungal melanonychia. METHODS We reviewed patient files, clinical history and dermoscopic images of all cases with a diagnosis of fungal melanonychia seen at our dermoscopy unit within the past year. RESULTS In total, 14 cases(More)
Malassezia folliculitis is a condition chracterized by itchy follicular papules and pustules with erythema. Malassezia yeasts are the pathogens in this condition. It is mainly located on the back, shoulders, and chest. Presented here is a 12-year-old boy with malassezia folliculitis on the scalp. The case was found to be worthy of presentation because it(More)
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