Derya Şahin

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We propose a generalization of radiative transport theory to account for light propagation in luminescent random media. This theory accounts accurately for the multiple absorption and reemission of light at different wavelengths and for anisotropic luminescence. To test this theory, we apply it to model light propagation in luminescent solar concentrators(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prognostic importance of admission time, admission day, admission source, and route of admission, attached devices before admission, diagnosis of patients, and total Simplified Acute Physiology Score (SAPS) II score during admission on intensive care unit mortality rates. METHODS This retrospective study was carried out with 545(More)
OF THE DISSERTATION This study presents physical, computational and analytical modeling approaches for light propagation in luminescent random media. Two different approaches are used, namely (i) a statistical approach: Monte-Carlo simulations for photon transport and (ii) a deterministic approach: radiative transport theory. Both approaches account(More)
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