Dervon Chang

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With unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), 36 licensed pilots flew both single-UAV and dual-UAV simulated military missions. Pilots were required to navigate each UAV through a series of mission legs in one of the following three conditions: a baseline condition, an auditory autoalert condition, and an autopilot condition. Pilots were responsible for (a) mission(More)
Twenty four pilots flew simulated missions in an unmanned air vehicle (UAV) simulator under both single and dual UAV control, and in three conditions: a baseline condition, a condition in which certain information was displayed auditorally, to offload the heavy visual demands of the mission, and a condition in which flight path tracking was automated. Three(More)
As a Human Computer Interaction (HCI) designer, it is important to understand the cognitive workload level (mental demand) of an operator while performing a task. A particular concern about operator workload stems from the increased potential for errors when cognitive workload gets too high. The Office of Naval Research Disruptive Technologies Opportunity(More)
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