Derry W Jones

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This paper deals with the issue of amalgam waste from dental offices. The aim is to put into perspective the very small contribution of dental mercury to the overall volume of mercury discharged into the environment each year. While the amount discharged from dental offices is very small compared to other sources, the amount discharged into the environment(More)
The rather exacting aesthetic requirements of dental restorations has largely dictated the composition of dental ceramic materials. The so-called dental porcelains have evolved from the traditional whiteware formula of feldspar, clay and quartz. One of the first variables which might be considered is that of chemical composition. It is, however, generally(More)
The Danish MFA probe and the Ulster probe (UP) automatic recording instruments developed recently for predicting carcass composition in pig classification and grading schemes, were tested in comparison with the optical probe (OP) used at present for this purpose in Great Britain. A series of four fat and two muscle measurements, including the principal ones(More)
The polarized Raman spectra of partially deuteriated taurine [(ND3+)0.65(NH3+)0.35(CH2)2SO3-] crystals from x(zz)x and x(zy)x scattering geometries of the Ag and Bg irreducible representations of the factor group C2h are reported. The temperature-dependent Raman spectra of partially deuteriated taurine do not reveal any evidence of the structural phase(More)