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BACKGROUND Although early conceptualisations posited an inverse relationship between psychopathy and self-injury, little research has tested this. AIMS To examine the self-injurious thoughts and behaviours associated with psychopathy. METHODS Data from the MacArthur Violence Risk Assessment Project (N = 871) were used to examine homogenous subtypes of(More)
An investigation was conducted to explore the relationship between emotional distress and HIV progression. One hundred twenty-five homosexual, HIV-positive males participated in a 12-month longitudinal investigation. Psychosocial data were collected at 6-month intervals and CD4+ data were collected from diagnosis to the end of the investigation. Principal(More)
Neuropsychological tests of frontal lobe functions were undertaken in 46 chronic schizophrenic patients who were also rated for movement disorders. Tardive dyskinesia was found to have significant associations with most of these psychological tests. The possible mechanisms are discussed within the context of known neostriatal psychological functions.
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