Derrin M. Berger

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As mainframes evolve and deliver higher performance, technologists are focusing less on processor speed and more on overall system performance to create optimized systems. One important area of focus for performance improvement involves chip-to-chip interconnects, with their associated bandwidths and latencies. IBM and related computer manufacturers are(More)
Empathy in psychotherapy has come to be regarded as useful, although there has been debate about its role. Some feel empathic understanding to be curative in itself; others consider it a step toward insight. Whether empathic understanding should be regarded as conscious or unconscious, affective or intellectual, adaptive or defensive, has received much(More)
Psychotherapeutic work entails many paradoxes. Emphasizing the patient's imagery and deemphasizing theory enhances understanding at the manifest level, the level of hidden themes, and the level of transference-countertransference patterns. A useful therapeutic model embraces dilemma, promotes toleration of puzzlement, and views the therapist as editor of(More)
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