Derrik Ehlers

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The study included 88 patients with sterile urine prior to transurethral prostatectomy. Forty-five received a preoperative dose of 2 g of cefortaxime (Claforan®) and the remaining 43 were given 10 ml of 0.9% NaCl. The two groups did not differ in frequency of postoperative urinary infection (>105 colonies per ml urine); 6 patients (13.3%) in the cefotaxime(More)
Based on the results of GC-MS analysis, an HPLC procedure was developed for the determination of coumarin, dihydrocoumarin, melilotic acid (o-dihydrocoumaric acid), methyl melilotate, ethyl melilotate, 5-hydroxymethylfurfural and o-coumaric acid which are characteristic compounds of tonka beans. The presence of melilotic acid and ethyl melilotate in tonka(More)
Of 41 children, aged 5-15 years, referred consecutively because of recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) and/or enuresis, 18 (44%) showed detrusor instability (DI) in at least 2 of 6 CO2 cystometries. One child was excluded from the study because of lack of follow-up. Four children with less pronounced DI (instability during less than or equal to 50% of(More)
1. The temporal relationship between the myocardial arteriovenous difference of plasma propranolol concentration and heart rate and left ventricular dp/dt maximum was examined for 30 min after intravenous administration of 10mg (0.04 mmol) dl-propranolol in nine patients with ischaemic heart disease. 2. Very large positive myocardial a.v. differences of(More)
Forty-one children, aged 5-15 years, were referred because of recurrent urinary infections and/or enuresis. They were examined prospectively by means of cystometry. CO2 cystometry revealed detrusor instability in 18 children (44%), but if complete reproducibility were to be requested in repeated tests, only 7 children (17%) would have presented instability.(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have reported conflicting results on whether different foot placements in standing can affect static measurements of foot posture. We sought to determine whether three measurements of static foot posture could be consistently measured in three different foot placements while standing. METHODS Twenty individuals, 12 women and(More)
Forty-one children aged 6–14 years consecutively referred for recurrent urinary tract infections (RUTI) and/or enuresis constituted the study group. Cystourethroscopy (CUS) was carried out in 40 children and pathologic findings were revealed in 70% of children with RUTI in the absence of vesico-ureteral reflux (VUR). However, only in 4 patients did CUS(More)
This paper describes the development of a method for the identification of irradiated fresh fruits by measurement of the e.p.r. spectra of pips, kernels or stones. Measurement parameters were optimized and the irradiation specific spectrum was assigned to a cellulose radical by comparison with the e.p.r. spectrum of pure cellulose. Several fruits especially(More)
BACKGROUND Several studies have reported the necessity of using a standardized foot placement to improve reliability when performing standing foot posture measurements. The intent of this study was to determine whether individuals can reliably place their feet in the same standing position after marching in place or whether the standing position must be(More)