Derrick Karimi

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The operation of agricultural vehicles is a multitask activity that requires proper distribution of attentional resources. Human factors theories suggest that proper utilization of the operator's sensory capacities under such conditions can improve the operator's performance and reduce the operator's workload. Using a tractor driving simulator, this study(More)
Tractor operators are prone to neck and back discomfort and disorders. It is well known that awkward posture is a major contributor to this problem. Previous studies have investigated the prevalence of awkward posture and the resulting discomfort and disorders among tractor operators. They have also suggested various ways to mitigate this problem. With the(More)
Three variants of multi-threaded ic3 are presented. Each variant has a fixed number of ic3s running in parallel, and communicating by sharing lemmas. They differ in the degree of synchronization between threads, and the aggressiveness with which proofs are checked. The correctness of all three variants is shown. The variants have unpredictable runtime. On(More)
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