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Derrick neuFelD is an associate Professor of Information Systems at the richard Ivey School of Business, university of Western Ontario, london, Ontario. His research examines IT-facilitated distributed work arrangements, including consequences for employees (telecommuting), groups (virtual teamwork), and managers (remote leadership). Dr. Neufeld's research(More)
Productivity of remote workers is of critical concern to organizations and managers contemplating telecommuting arrangements. Here we suggest a general theoretical framework for understanding telecommuter productivity, and then report on a two-phased research study. In the first phase, semi-structured interviews with 32 telecommuters were conducted in one(More)
Despite the general consensus regarding the critical role of top management in the information systems (ISs) implementation process, the literature has not yet provided a clear and compelling understanding of the top management support (TMS) concept. Applying metastructuring (Orlikowski et al., 1995) as a guiding framework for understanding TMS behaviors,(More)
Management at the University of Manitoba, and the Richard Ivey School of Business for funding part of the data collection and analysis. The authors would also like to thank the Mennonite Central Committee for providing access to the data and previous reviewers of this manuscript for their feedback. Abstract This paper explores how intra-organizational(More)
After two decades of actively distributing computing power to individual users in the form of desktop and notebook PCs, IT executives are now being drawn back to the benefits of centralized computing platforms, as evidenced by the emergence of thin client technology and the application service provider (ASP) business model. But will individual users embrace(More)