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The relationships among race, face validity perceptions, test-taking motivation, and test performance on a cognitive ability test were examined. Undergraduates completed 2 parallel cognitive ability tests and a test reactions measure. Results showed that test-taking motivation was related positively to subsequent performance on a parallel test even after(More)
Intraindividual change over time is the essence of the change phenomenon hypothesized to occur in the individual newcomer adaptation process. Many important adaptation questions cannot be answered without an adequate conceptualization and assessment of intraindividual change. Using a latent growth modeling approach to data collected from 146 doctoral(More)
Approximately 30% of patients with hypertension have hepatic steatosis, and it has recently been proposed that fatty liver be considered a feature of the metabolic syndrome. Obesity, diet, and level of physical activity are likely factors modulating risk for hepatic steatosis, however genetic factors could also influence susceptibility or resistance to(More)
  • D Chan
  • 1997
The relationships between examinees' racial subgroup membership and their perceptions of the predictive validity of a widely used personality test (NEO Five Factor Inventory; P. T. Costa & R. R. McCrae, 1992) and a widely used cognitive ability test (Wonderlic Personnel Test; E. F. Wonderlic, 1984) were examined. Results from 241 undergraduates showed that(More)
To understand the nature of test reactions and their relationship to test performance, the relationships among belief in tests, pretest reactions, test performance, and posttest reactions were modeled for cognitive ability and personality tests. Results from structural equation models that were fitted to responses from 197 undergraduate examinees supported(More)
Patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) have evidence of chronic inflammation demonstrated by infiltration of the gray matter by inflammatory macrophages, IL17A-positive T cells, and mast cells. Increased serum levels of IL6 and IL17A have been detected in sporadic ALS (sALS) patients when compared to healthy controls. Herein we investigate, in(More)
On the basis of a distinction between test content and method of testing, the present study examined several conceptually and practically important effects relating race, reading comprehension, method of assessment, face validity perceptions, and performance on a situational judgement test using a sample of 241 psychology undergraduates (113 Blacks and 128(More)
Multivariate latent growth modeling was used to conceptualize and analyze intraindividual changes in children's social skills and interindividual differences in these changes in home and school settings. Parent and teacher ratings assessing children's social skills at home and school settings, respectively, were obtained for a sample of 378 children at 4(More)
  • D Chan
  • 2000
This article demonstrates how Sörbom's (1974) mean and covariance structure analysis (MACS) model can be used to detect uniform and non-uniform differential item functioning (DIF) on polytomous ordered response items that are assumed to approximate a continuous scale. Using item responses from 773 civil service employees, the MACS model was applied to three(More)