Derrick Baxby

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Little is known of the ways in which orthopoxviruses are maintained in nature, and the role of wild-life reservoirs requires further investigation. This lack of information is important in view of proposals to use as vaccines recombinant vaccinia viruses which carry genes for other immunising antigens. The possibility that such strains may become(More)
Edward Jenner's Inquiry into the causes and effects of the variolae vaccinae ... known by the name of the cow pox, published in 1798, contains the evidence on which he based his claim that inoculated cowpox (later called vaccination) induced lifelong immunity to smallpox. He did one vaccination in 1796, but more important was the small series of(More)
proposed that could activate transcription of numerous genes in spermatids. If a gene is transcribed and its protein accumulates in spermatids, it is very possible that the protein will function there. Regulation of holoenzyme levels might also contribute to other cases of cell-type-specific gene regulation. Although no other cells seem to accumulate as(More)