Derrek Yager

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The low-temperature electron microscope, which preserves aqueous structures as solid water at liquid nitrogen temperature, was used to image the alveolar lining layer, including surfactant and its aqueous subphase, of air-filled lungs frozen in anesthetized rats at 15-cmH2O transpulmonary pressure. Lining layer thickness was measured on cross fractures of(More)
We have derived Vero cell lines containing the herpes simplex virus DNA polymerase (pol) gene that complement temperature-sensitive pol mutants. These cell lines were used to recover viruses containing new mutations at the pol locus. Two spontaneously arising host-range mutants, 6C4 and 7E4, were isolated. These mutants did not grow efficiently on Vero(More)
Using nonsense and deletion mutants of herpes simplex virus type 1, we investigated the roles of three immediate-early proteins (ICP4, ICP27 and ICP0) in the establishment and reactivation of ganglionic latency in a mouse ocular model. DNA hybridization, superinfection-rescue, and cocultivation techniques provided quantitative data that distinguished(More)
The tolerance of totally curarized subjects for prolonged breath hold is viewed by many as evidence that respiratory muscle contraction is essential to generate the sensation of breathlessness. Although conflicting evidence exists, none of it was obtained during total neuromuscular block. We completely paralyzed four normal, unsedated subjects with(More)
Pressure-volume measurements and the punch indentation test are used to obtain the bulk modulus (kappa) and the shear modulus (mu) of lung parenchyma of air- and liquid-filled rabbit lungs. Plots of kappa and mu vs. transpulmonary pressure obtained from these measurements indicate that there is very little difference between the elastic behavior of the air-(More)
Luminal epithelial projections formed during bronchoconstriction define interstices in which liquid can collect. Liquid in these interstices could amplify the degree of luminal compromise due to muscular contraction in at least two distinct ways. First, the luminal cross-sectional area is reduced by simple filling of the interstices. Second, if the surface(More)
Given graphs G and H, G is H-saturated if H is not a subgraph of G, but for all e / ∈ E(G), H appears as a subgraph of G + e. While for every n > |V (H)|, there exists an n-vertex graph that is H-saturated, the same does not hold for induced subgraphs. That is, there exist graphs H and values of n > |V (H)|, for which every n-vertex graph G either contains(More)
We used indirect immunofluorescence to examine the factors determining the intranuclear location of herpes simplex virus (HSV) DNA polymerase (Pol) in infected cells. In the absence of viral DNA replication, HSV Pol colocalized with the HSV DNA-binding protein ICP8 in nuclear framework-associated structures called prereplicative sites. In the presence of(More)
Lung compliance is generally considered to represent a blend of surface and tissue forces, and changes in compliance in vivo are commonly used to indicate changes in surface forces. There are, however, theoretical arguments that would allow contraction of airway smooth muscle to affect substantially the elasticity of the lung. In the present study we(More)