Derrek E Lobo

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Composites of a Ni-doped metal organic framework (MOF) with reduced graphene oxide (rGO) are synthesized in bulk (gram scale) quantities. The composites are composed of rGO sheets, which avoid restacking from the physical presence of MOF crystals. At larger concentration of rGO, the MOF crystals are distributed on the overlapping and continuous rGO sheets.(More)
Exposure to controlled doses (~4.65 × 10(-3) to 2.79 × 10(-2) nC/μm(2) ion fluence) of Ga ions via a focused ion beam (FIB) deoxygenates graphene oxide (GO) and increases the electrical conductivity in 100 × 100 μm(2) patches by several orders of magnitude compared to that in unexposed GO. Raman spectra and the carbon/oxygen ratio in exposed areas are(More)
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