Derrek A Heuveling

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Electrochemotherapy is an effective and safe method for local treatment of cutaneous and subcutaneous tumours, where electric pulses cause increased permeability of cell membranes in the tumour mass, enabling dramatically enhanced effectiveness of bleomycin and other hydrophilic drugs. Here, we report results of a European multi-institutional prospective(More)
Positron emission tomography (PET) is a functional imaging modality that is widely used in oncology. The integration of PET with CT (PET-CT) provides at the same time also detailed morphological information, which is especially attractive for the anatomically complex head and neck region. The most widely used PET-tracer for imaging the enhanced metabolism(More)
UNLABELLED With conventional imaging techniques such as planar lymphoscintigraphy and SPECT/CT, preoperative sentinel node (SN) identification can be difficult when the SN is near the primary tumor, as is the case in floor-of-mouth carcinomas. PET/CT lymphoscintigraphy may improve the detection and localization of such SNs. METHODS In this study, the(More)
RATIONALE Inadequate intraoperative visualization of the sentinel node can hamper its harvest. Freehand SPECT is a 3D tomographic imaging modality based on the concepts of SPECT, which can be used for intraoperative visualization and navigation towards the sentinel node in order to improve its localization and removal during surgery. PATIENTS AND METHODS(More)
RG7356 is a humanized antibody targeting the constant region of CD44. RG7356 was radiolabeled with (89)Zr for preclinical evaluations in tumor xenograft-bearing mice and normal cynomolgus monkeys to enable study of its biodistribution and the role of CD44 expression on RG7356 uptake.   Studies with (89)Zr-RG7356 were performed in mice bearing tumor(More)
A newly proposed classification by the European Laryngological Society (ELS) of glottic lesions by narrow-band imaging (NBI) divides their vascular patterns into longitudinal and perpendicular ones. The latter are further subdivided into the wide and narrow patterns. The longitudinal, wide, and narrow patterns are characteristic of benign disease,(More)
BACKGROUND Sentinel node biopsy (SNB) in head and neck cancer is recently introduced as the staging technique of oral squamous cell carcinoma. We report the results of SNB in patients diagnosed with a T1-T2 oral squamous cell carcinoma and clinically negative (N0) neck in a single center. METHODS A retrospective analysis of 90 previously untreated(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of this microdosing phase 0 clinical study was to obtain initial information about pharmacokinetics, biodistribution, and specific tumor targeting of the antitenascin-C mini antibody F16SIP. METHODS Two milligrams of F16SIP, labeled with 74 MBq of (124)I, were intravenously administered to patients with head and neck cancer (n = 4)(More)
AIM Electrochemotherapy is an effective local treatment for cutaneous tumours and metastases. In this prospective trial, six European institutions investigated electrochemotherapy in recurrent, mucosal head and neck tumours. PATIENT AND METHODS Forty-three patients with recurrent mucosal head and neck tumours and no further curative or reasonably(More)