Deron Tinsley

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In a 6-year prospective clinical study, 181 hydroxylapatite coated endosseous dental implants were placed into the anterior mandible of 48 patients. Twenty-one patients were treated with fixed prostheses and 27 patients with an overdenture. When the implants were exposed all 181 had integrated. To date, there is 100% survival of all implants and they all(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of hydroxyapatite-coated cylindrical implants to support overdentures. These implants were placed between 1990 and 1994 and have been followed up over a period of 3 to 6 years. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred thirty-nine Calcitek dental implants were placed in 43 patients to(More)
The single-tooth implant restoration appears to be an ideal method of replacing missing natural teeth in a healthy dentition. Most follow-up studies report a high success rate. The restoration is seen by many clinicians as a relatively straightforward technique easily adapted to general dental practice and popular with patients, although it is not without(More)
The implant-retained overdenture has been advocated as an effective method of restoring the edentulous patient with an appliance that offers significant benefits over conventional prosthetics. However, the success and survival of such appliances have been shown to vary considerably, depending on which jaw is treated: implants supporting overdentures in the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical effectiveness, common complications and maintenance associated with hydroxylapatite (HA) coated cylindrical implants when used to support single crowns. DESIGN A prospective medium term clinical study of the Calcitek HA-coated implant. SETTING Implant placement, crown fabrication and follow-up procedures were carried(More)
This study investigated the experience of endossoseus implants in the U.K. - how success rates compare with other countries; the common causes of failure; early detection, definition and treatment of the failing implant. Information was gathered by means of a questionnaire sent to 120 centres in the U.K. Thirty-nine centres responded to the survey,(More)
AutoSimulations has developed and applied a new method of integrating separate models of manufacturing process and material handling systems that exploits the strengths of two different products to provide users with maximum productivity and flexibility. As applied to semiconductor wafer fabrication facilities in the examples presented here, this approach(More)
This series of case reports outlines the use of the transmandibular implant system to rehabilitate 10 patients with severely resorbed mandibles. The implants were placed according to manufacturers' guidelines with the patient under a general anaesthetic and reviewed bi-annually thereafter. Three patients experienced problems: in two of these this involved(More)
The implant-retained fixed prosthesis has been advocated as an effective restoration offering significant benefits over conventional prosthetics. The success of treatment depends on careful pre-surgical planning and prosthesis design. This paper outlines some common complications encountered during the planning, fabrication and maintenance of both large and(More)
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