Dermot Shinners-Kennedy

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This paper presents a case study of the use of a repeated single-criterion card sort with an unusually large, diverse participant group. The study, whose goal was to elicit novice programmers’ knowledge of programming concepts, involved over 20 researchers from four continents and 276 participants drawn from 20 different institutions. In this paper we(More)
Since they were first described by Meyer and Land [1] the classification of concepts as 'threshold' concepts has engaged many researchers, including a number of CS researchers. A variety of approaches have been employed to identify concepts that could be classified as threshold concepts, with varying success. Our own frustrations in identifying them led us(More)
Novice programmer knowledge contains a mixture of well-formed, in-transition and muddled conceptual structures. In this paper we describe an analysis of the in-transition and muddled items that are not fully integrated into the novices' cognitive structures. When participants were asked to perform card sorts of programming concepts into categories, 23% of(More)
We present seven case-studies of undergraduate recruitment to Computer Science courses together with analysis of students' success during the early part of their study. We focus particularly upon qualification on entry, the subjects studied in the early university curriculum, and student grades.We find that while university admissions are complex processes,(More)
This paper describes a research project which commenced recently at the NIHE, L. The project investigates the use of micro-computer software to teach aspects of computer science. Spreadsheets are the subject of this report. The potential of spreadsheet systems for teaching assembler programming is considered. We outline a model for enabling students to(More)
In 1979 the Irish Government identified areas of manpower shortages. One of the areas identified was computing. The University of Limerick (UL) responded by providing a one year full-time programme aimed at honours graduates from all disciplines. The programme has been running for more than a decade and has achieved a high degree of success. This paper(More)
Teachers often perceive educational research as confusing and can be disenfranchised by the research process. We propose scaffolded authethnography as a method to support principled examination of authentic practice. The approach is appealing because it is motivated by the teacher’s own day-to-day practice in a research context. Our demonstration of this(More)
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