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Economic and monetary union (EMU) differs from national monetary unions in lacking a European government to monitor the European Central Bank (ECB) and to control fiscal policy. This potentially poses a problem of coordination between monetary and fiscal policy. In EMU there are two approaches to this: rule based legal requirements; and more informal(More)
Ireland’s participation in stage three of Economic and Monetary Union precludes exchange rate adjustment in response to asymmetric shocks. A Structural VAR model is used to decompose the effects of asymmetric supply, demand and nominal disturbances on macroeconomic imbalances between Ireland and the UK and on the Irish pound-sterling exchange rate. The(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine observer agreement on radiographic evaluation of central tarsal bone (CTB) fractures and compare this with evaluation of the same fractures using computed tomography (CT). METHODS Radiographs and CT scans were obtained of the right tarsi from limbs of Greyhounds euthanatized after sustaining severe CTB fracture during racing. Four(More)
This paper explores the parameters and operation of rule types as used in policy formation, arguing that hard law elements (where failure can lead to pecuniary sanction and recourse to the European Courts), and soft law (where there is reliance on peer pressure supplemented by various devices such as reporting and benchmarking) both have a role to play. It(More)
In An Inquiry in the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith warned that directors of joint-stock companies, being the managers ‘of other people’s money y are apt to consider attention to small matters as not for their master’s honour’ (Smith, 1776, Book 5: Chapter 1). Smith’s assertion reflects the long-standing interest of economists in the(More)
Few individuals are more closely associated with the project of European Economic Monetary Union (EMU) than Jacques Delors.1 As French finance minister between 1981 and 1984, Delors played a decisive role in le tournant de la rigueur, the economic U-turn that saw President François Mitterrand abandon expansionary policies in favour of fiscal consolidation,(More)
BACKGROUND Exercise is well established to lead to exercise-induced hypercoagulability, as demonstrated by kinetic coagulation markers. It remains unclear as to whether exercise-induces changes lead in clot development and increased polymerisation. Fractal dimension (df) has been shown to act as a marker of clot microstructure and mechanical properties, and(More)
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