Dermot Cannon

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Immunoreactive substance P (iSP) has been measured in plasma in 77 normal subjects and in 125 hospital patients. Factors affectingin-vitro degradation of iSP were studied.In vivo, iSP is degraded in the liver and its level in the circulation is independent of kidney excretory function.During insulin-induced hypoglycaemic stress and also during(More)
Optimisation of a non-equilibrium radioimmunoassay for substance P is described. The assay has a sensitivity of 2 pg (1.5 fmole), sufficient for substance P determinations in unexcepted human plasma and other biological material. The specificity of antisera used was tested with closely related peptides, physalaemin and eledoisin. Crossreaction of 1 per cent(More)
A high content of substance P (124 ng/g wet tissue) was demonstrated by radioimmunoassay in lymph node metastases in a patient with bilateral ovarian carcinoid tumours. The plasma substance P level was elevated but urinary 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid (5-HIAA) was low. It is suggested that, in some carcinoid patients, an elevated plasma substance P level may(More)