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Label-free imaging of individual viruses and nanoparticles directly in complex solutions is important for virology research and biosensing applications. A successful visualization technique should be rapid, sensitive, and inexpensive, while needing minimal sample preparation or user expertise. Current approaches typically require fluorescent labeling or the(More)
Single-molecule and single-nanoparticle biosensors are a growing frontier in diagnostics. Digital biosensors are those which enumerate all specifically immobilized biomolecules or biological nanoparticles, and thereby achieve limits of detection usually beyond the reach of ensemble measurements. Here, we review modern optical techniques for single(More)
The growth plate is a highly organized section of cartilage in the long bones of growing children that is susceptible to mechanical failure as well as structural and functional disruption caused by a dietary deficiency of vitamin D. The shear mechanical properties of the proximal tibial growth plate of rats raised either on normal or vitamin D and calcium(More)
The sensitive detection and quantitative measurement of biological nanoparticles such as viruses or exosomes is of growing importance in biology and medicine since these structures are implicated in many biological processes and diseases. Interferometric reflectance imaging is a label-free optical biosensing method which can directly detect individual(More)
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