Derick W Young

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The antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody test has become available over the past 4 or 5 years. It is positive in a limited number of conditions whose characteristic feature is the presence of a small vessel vasculitis. These include Wegener's granulomatosis and microscopic polyarteritis. The test was applied to 63 patients with uveitis of various types. 14(More)
To delineate further the clinical spectrum of Menkes disease, an X-linked recessive disorder of copper transport, we studied 4 related males, ranging in age from 4-38 years, with a unique phenotype that combines manifestations of classical and mild Menkes disease and occipital horn syndrome (OHS). The propositus, and 18-year-old man, was evaluated following(More)
Calciphylaxis is a condition with a high mortality rate that is often found in patients with renal failure. It is characterized by soft tissue calcification and painful skin ulceration. A serum calcium-phosphorus product of more than 60 mg2/dl2 indicates great risk for calciphylaxis. The diagnosis is made on the basis of an incisional biopsy showing(More)
According to established diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines for chronic pulmonary aspiration, clinical suspicion is raised by coughing and choking with feeding, coughing during sleep, recurrent pneumonia, failure to thrive, and radiologic signs of chronic lung injury. The upper gastrointestinal series accurately defines anatomy and function, can(More)
Twenty-one patients with Stage III malignant melanoma have been treated with a 5-day quadruple chemotherapy regime (BELD) comprising bleomycin 15 mg subcutaneously on days 1 and 4, vindesine (Eldesine) 3 mg/m2 intravenously on days 1 and 5, CCNU (lomusine) 80 mg/m2 orally on day 1, and DTIC 200 mg/m2 intravenously on days 1 through 5. Twenty patients were(More)
A patient had hereditary angioneurotic edema coincident with systemic lupus erythematosus. This condition resulted in loss of hair, arthralgia, leukoplakia, collitis, and a nephrotic syndrome due to proliferative glomerulonephritis. The renal lesion was resistant to treatment with high-dose prednisolone and cyclophosphamide; however, sustained remission(More)
  • D W Young
  • The British journal of ophthalmology
  • 1991
Ninety eight patients with uveitis of various types were tested for the presence of the antineutrophil antibody or ANCA by an indirect immunofluorescence method. This antibody is found in patients with diseases associated with small vessel vasculitis, including Wegener's granulomatosis and microscopic polyarteritis. Eleven true positive cases were found. A(More)
Joint inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis has been assessed, and the most useful guides to disease activity were determined by analysis of synovial fluid and blood together with the history of joint disability. The patient's own evaluation of the amount of pain suffered was the most useful clinical assessment. Differential cell count and glucose(More)
Kabuki (Niikawa-Kuroki) syndrome (KS) comprises characteristic facial changes, developmental delay, skeletal anomalies, mental retardation, and abnormal dermatoglyphics. We report on a 5-year-old Caucasian boy with KS who required surgery for a giant left temporoparietal subarachnoid cyst at age 5 1/2 years. Review of the 143 published cases shows that(More)