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We do not have an estimate of how much tissue is needed for a reliable measure of bronchial epithelial reticular basement membrane (RBM) thickness or for counts of inflammatory cells. An assessment of the frequency distribution and variance of data from repeat measurements of RBM thickness and biopsy section inflammatory cell counts in cases with asthma(More)
BACKGROUND To study the interaction between nitrous oxide and sevoflurane during trachea intubation, the authors determined the minimum alveolar concentration of sevoflurane for tracheal intubation (MAC(TI)) with and without nitrous oxide in children. METHODS Seventy-two children aged 1-7 yr were assigned randomly to receive one of three end-tidal(More)
The PFA-100 system provides an in-vitro method of assessing primary platelet-related haemostasis by measuring the time (the closure time, or CT) taken for a platelet plug to occlude a microscopic aperture cut into a membrane coated with collagen and either epinephrine or ADP. We used the system to establish normal ranges for CTs in healthy children, adults(More)
Neonatal piglets in which oral stimulation associated with feeding was reduced by intragastric tube feeding displayed an increase in stereotyped snout rubbing, licking and chewing behaviour. An investigation of a possible neurochemical basis for this behaviour was made by using sensitive radioenzymatic and microfluorimetric assays to estimate the(More)
Increasing numbers of operations requiring cardiopulmonary bypass have been accompanied by greater demands for blood resources. Improved techniques of blood conservation have diminished the average blood requirements per operation and have increased the percent of operations that can be done without homologous blood. The conservation of blood can be planned(More)
It seems likely that depletion of body carbohydrates may account for the rise in the sympathetic activity during prolonged exercise, since glucose given during or before exercise reduces the increase in plasma catecholamines. The aim of the present study was to find out whether the increase in plasma noradrenaline (NA) in response to exercise can be reduced(More)