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This correspondence proposes an edge embedded marker-based watershed algorithm for high spatial resolution remote sensing image segmentation. Two improvement techniques are proposed for the two key steps of maker extraction and pixel labeling, respectively, to make it more effective and efficient for high spatial resolution image segmentation. Moreover, the(More)
Texture retrieval is a vital branch of content-based image retrieval. Rotation-invariant texture retrieval plays a key role in texture retrieval. This paper addresses three major issues in rotation-invariant texture retrieval: how to select the texture measurement methods, how to alleviate the influence of rotation for texture retrieval and how to apply the(More)
Along with the forthcoming of Google Earth, Virtual Earth, the next generation of Internet, Web 2.0, Grid Computing and smart sensor web, comes the new era for Geo-Information. In this paper, main features of new Geo-Information era are discussed. This new era is characterized by these features: serviced users are extended from professionals to all public(More)