Derek Wells

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Skeletal muscles in developing chick embryos were tested for responsiveness to adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP), a substance known to depolarize chick skeletal muscle in culture. The sensitivity to extracellular ATP was tested at various stages of development in five different muscles; pectoralis superficia, anterior latissimus dorsi, posterior latissimus(More)
PURPOSE To design a postprocessing 3D adaptive median filter that minimizes streak artifacts and improves soft-tissue contrast in postoperative CT images of brachytherapy seed implantations. METHODS The filter works by identifying voxels that are likely streaks and estimating more reflective voxel intensity by using voxel intensities in adjacent CT slices(More)
Music has been an integral part of society for hundreds of years. Since the advent and rise of computers and computer technologies, musicians have utilized these advances in their craft, whether it is in electronic music or the notation of musical scores. The field of memetic computing is a new and developing one. A few researchers are using memetic(More)
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