Derek Walcott

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We have previously reported that the FAC1 protein is contained in hippocampal structures that resemble Hirano bodies. Hirano bodies are cytoplasmic inclusions containing actin filaments that are numerous in the hippocampus of many Alzheimer's disease patients. FAC1 is a developmentally regulated protein that is localized to the cytoplasm of neurons during(More)
In 1976, the Tarasoff case established a new legal duty to protect third parties from a psychiatric patient's foreseeable violence. After the Tarasoff case, courts expanded the scope and role of a clinician's duty to protect, sometimes in novel ways. Later interpretations of Tarasoff began to limit significantly the situations in which a duty to protect(More)
¤ The acknowledgement of the violent intimacy between the middle passage and modernity came into the mainstream of cultural studies with the publication of Paul Gilroy's influential text The Black Atlantic. In spite of the currency of the " black Atlantic " as an umbrella term to describe a growing field of interdisciplinary inquiry, the routes and roots of(More)
Here, Walcott argues that the “common experience of the New World . . . is colonialism” (1). This is true even for those whose “veneration of the Old is read as the idolatry of the mestizo” (1). Such writers remind us, Walcott argues, though they too are “victims of tradition” (1), “of our great debt to the great dead” (1) and that “those who break a(More)
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