Derek Tan

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Amazon Redshift is a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse solution that makes it simple and cost-effective to efficiently analyze large volumes of data using existing business intelligence tools. Since launching in February 2013, it has been Amazon Web Service's (AWS) fastest growing service, with many thousands of customers and many petabytes(More)
A stereocontrolled synthesis of benzannulated spiroketals has been developed using solvent-dependent Sc(OTf)3-mediated spirocyclizations of exo-glycal epoxides having alcohol side chains. In THF, the reaction proceeds via Lewis acid catalysis under kinetic control with inversion of configuration at the anomeric carbon. In contrast, in CH2Cl2, Brønsted acid(More)
A. Supplementary Figures S1–S2 S2 B. Complete data on spirocyclization of exo-glycal epoxide 6a S3 C. Materials and methods S4 D. Synthesis of propargyl alcohols 2a–h S5 E. Synthesis of exo-glycals 3a–h S8 F. Synthesis of TIPS-protected exo-glycals 4a–h S11 G. Synthesis of 4-substituted exo-glycals 4i–n S14 H. Synthesis of exo-glycal alcohols 5a–n S18 I.(More)
TangiCube introduces bi-directional interactivity with a virtual agent in a tangible mixed reality environment. While the virtual agent interacts with the user, the user is able to react to the agent with the help of physical output modality. Likewise, the user can interact with the virtual agent and the agent behaves and reacts as if it has a physical(More)
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