Derek Slater

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Melatonin acts via high affinity, G-protein coupled, seven transmembrane domain receptors. To precisely localize these receptors, antibodies were raised in chickens against a 15 amino acid fragment at the intracellular C-terminal region of the human melatonin receptor subtype mt1 (DSSNDVADRVKWKPS, mt(1338-352)). A chimeric form of the receptor with a(More)
Early-onset torsion dystonia is a hereditary movement disorder thought to be caused by decreased release of dopamine into the basal ganglia, without apparent neuronal degeneration. Recent cloning of the gene responsible for this disease, TOR1A (DYT1), identified the encoded protein, torsinA, as a member of the AAA+ superfamily of chaperone proteins and(More)
Leptin, a protein secretory product of adipocytes, is important in appetite control, energy balance and reproduction. In rodents, the physiological effects of leptin are centrally mediated, in part via the neuropeptide Y (NPY) system in the hypothalamus. The role of leptin in ruminants, where appropriate nutrition and reproductive status are of major(More)
Human labour is associated with increased prostaglandin synthesis within the fetal membranes. We have studied the expression of the two isoforms of the central prostaglandin synthetic enzyme, cyclo-oxygenase (COX-1 and COX-2), in human fetal membranes throughout pregnancy, at mRNA, protein and activity levels. COX-1 mRNA expression was low in human amnion(More)
INTRODUCTION New digital technologies and the online environment pose significant challenges to the traditional business models of the music and film industries. The digital era threatens current revenue models by changing the environment in which copyright operates. To prevent unauthorized copying of their works, copyright holders have traditionally relied(More)
It is postulated that platelets are not produced by megakaryocyte budding within the bone marrow but by physical fragmentation in the pulmonary circulation. Alterations in the nature of the production site (the pulmonary vessels and their concomitant biochemical environment) or changes in the antecedent megakaryocyte cytoplasmic volumes with a concomitant(More)