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  • F. Wollnik, A. Breit, D. Reinke
  • 1991
European hamsters, like many other hi-bernators, show pronounced annual fluctuations in reproduction, body weight, and food intake. Together with the hibernation pattern these functions are primarily dependent on the photo-period [1, 2]. Jn this paper we demonstrate that a dramatic annual change in the temporal organization of loco-motor activity goes hand(More)
Aberrant left pulmonary artery, or pulmonary sling, is a rare variation of the pulmonary vasculature, with only one previous report of the condition being recognized in an adult. In this report a second case recognized de novo in an adult is presented. Both of these adults were evaluated because of right paratracheal masses which required differentiation(More)
Several types of pedicular screw systems have been utilized to augment lumbar spine fusion. All systems are made of stainless steel, which interferes with imaging techniques, especially MRI and CT scans. In search of a solution for this problem, we decided to study the use of titanium systems in the lumbar spine. Because there were no titanium pedicle screw(More)
This paper describes an evaluation model for a digital library tool, the Instructional Architect, which enables users to discover, select, reuse, sequence, and annotate digital library learning objects. By documenting our rapid-prototyping, iterative, and user-centered approach for evaluating a digital library service, we provide a model and set of methods(More)
Remote Sensing plays a vital role for the detection of urban expansion. Due to high complexity of urban landscapes such as building area, vegetation area are classified based on the feature extraction from the satellite Images. Different feature Extraction methods are employed for obtaining the primitives such as texture, shapes and sizes etc. In this(More)
2573 Background:This is a pilot study to determine the practicality of a new form of immunotherapy. The basic concept of this treatment is to grow cytotoxic T-cells and helper T-cells against the tumor in the patients themselves rather than in the laboratory. Standard chemotherapy is used to generate the tumor antigen, as the tumor cells undergo apoptosis.(More)
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