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BACKGROUND Traumatic dislocation of the testicle is a rare injury that may result from blunt abdominopelvic trauma. The majority of cases reportedly occur in young adults secondary to severe scrotal trauma during high-speed motorcycle crashes. Our review of the available English medical literature revealed only one pediatric case. OBJECTIVE We present a(More)
Difficult clinical decisions are a part of every emergency practitioner's life. Dealing with difficult patients and recalcitrant consultants is seldom enjoyable, but can be made more palatable through the use of some of the clinical strategies contained in this article. Knowledge of the current best evidence and a willingness to discard outdated practice(More)
Odontalgia in association with an acutely fractured tooth is a frequent reason for emergency department presentation. We describe the case of a patient who presented with a painful fractured molar tooth and was treated with topical application of 2-octyl cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive, resulting in prompt relief of her discomfort and a good temporary(More)
Atraumatic retinal detachment in a pediatric patient is an extremely rare but vision-threatening disease process. Obtaining an adequate history and physical examination in children presenting with eye complaints can be extremely challenging, as young children are frequently unable to provide a good history or comply with a detailed physical examination. The(More)
Pediatric trauma represents a notable proportion of casualties encountered by Combat medics, physician assistants, and physicians while in the deployed setting. Most of these resuscitation teams receive limited pediatric- specific training and suffer subsequent emotional stress due the perceived high-stakes nature of caring for gravely wounded children.(More)
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