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Hox homeodomain proteins are developmental regulators that determine body plan in a variety of organisms. A majority of the vertebrate Hox proteins bind DNA as heterodimers with the Pbx1 homeodomain protein. We report here the 2.35 A structure of a ternary complex containing a human HoxB1-Pbx1 heterodimer bound to DNA. Heterodimer contacts are mediated by(More)
AGVCR, the AccessGrid Video "Cassette" Recorder, allows easy recording, editing and playback of an AccessGrid conference. Replayed conferences can be played back locally or via an AccessGrid venue to share again with others. AGVCR operates on all platforms that AccessGrid supports (Linux, Windows and Mac OS X) and does not necessarily even require host(More)
GA-binding protein (GABP) is a transcriptional regulator composed of two structurally dissimilar subunits. The alpha subunit contains a DNA-binding domain that is a member of the ETS family, whereas the beta subunit contains a series of ankyrin repeats. The crystal structure of a ternary complex containing a GABPalpha/beta ETS domain-ankyrin repeat(More)
Hepsin is a membrane-anchored, trypsin-like serine protease with prominent expression in the human liver and tumours of the prostate and ovaries. To better understand the biological functions of hepsin, we identified macromolecular substrates employing a tetrapeptide PS-SCL (positional scanning-synthetic combinatorial library) screen that rapidly determines(More)
Recombinant retroviruses were produced by transient transfection of human embryonal kidney 293T cells: 2 ϫ 10 6 cells were plated 24 hours before transfection in 60-mm dishes. Transfection was performed by calcium-phosphate precipitation with 3 ␮g of a retroviral vector (14) encoding luciferase linked to an internal ribosome entry site and a green(More)
Drug discovery opportunities where loss-of-function alleles of a target gene link to a disease-relevant phenotype often require an agonism approach to up-regulate or re-establish the activity of the target gene. Antibody therapy is increasingly recognized as a favored drug modality due to multiple desirable pharmacological properties. However, agonistic(More)
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