Derek L. Hansen

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Online citizen science projects engage volunteers in collecting, analyzing, and curating scientific data. Existing projects have demonstrated the value of using volunteers to collect data, but few projects have reached the full collaborative potential of scientists and volunteers. Understanding the shared and unique motivations of these two groups can help(More)
BACKGROUND Adolescents' access to health information on the Internet is partly a function of their ability to search for and find answers to their health-related questions. Adolescents may have unique health and computer literacy needs. Although many surveys, interviews, and focus groups have been utilized to understand the information-seeking and(More)
This paper explores the opportunities and challenges of creating and sustaining large-scale, “content curation communities” through an in-depth case study of the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL). Content curation communities are large scale crowdsourcing endeavors that aim to curate existing content into a single repository, making these communities different(More)
Gamifying citizen science campaigns has the potential to further engage existing volunteers, as well as to attract new contributors. By evaluating Biotracker, a gamified mobile application that gathers plant phenology data, we explored the feasibility of engaging a secondary group of Millennials, who are notorious technology enthusiasts, with a gamified(More)
CONTEXT The Internet has become an important tool for finding health information, especially among adolescents. Many computers have software designed to block access to Internet pornography. Because pornography-blocking software cannot perfectly discriminate between pornographic and nonpornographic Web sites, such products may block access to health(More)
Collaborative technologies increasingly permeate our everyday lives. Mixed reality games use these technologies to entertain, motivate, educate, and inspire. We understand mixed reality games as goal-directed, structured play experiences that are not fully contained by virtual or physical worlds. They transform existing technologies, relationships, and(More)
BACKGROUND Fungal infections of burn wounds have become an important cause of burn-associated morbidity and mortality. The nature of fungal infections dictates aggressive treatment to minimize the morbidity associated with these infections. Persons with large total body surface area burns are particularly susceptible to fungal infections and are treated in(More)