Derek Juba

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Biochemists often wish to compute surface areas of proteins. A variety of algorithms have been developed for this task, but they are designed for traditional single-processor architectures. The current trend in computer hardware is towards increasingly parallel architectures for which these algorithms are not well suited. We describe a parallel, stochastic(More)
Implicit representations have the potential to represent large volumes succinctly. In this paper we present a multiresolution and progressive implicit representation of scalar volumetric data using anisotropic Gaussian radial basis functions (RBFs) defined over an octree. Our representation lends itself well to progressive level-of-detail representations.(More)
Direct numerical simulation (DNS) of turbulence is computationally intensive and typically relies on some form of parallel processing. The authors present techniques to map DNS computations to modern graphics processing units (GPUs), which are characterized by very high memory bandwidth and hundreds of SPMD (single-program-multiple-data) processors.
The goal of this survey paper is to overview cellular measurements using optical microscopy imaging followed by automated image segmentation. The cellular measurements of primary interest are taken from mammalian cells and their components. They are denoted as two- or three-dimensional (2D or 3D) image objects of biological interest. In our applications,(More)
—Direct numerical simulation (DNS) of turbulence is computationally very intensive and typically relies on some form of parallel processing. Spectral kernels used for spatial discretization are a common computational bottleneck on distributed memory architectures. One way to increase the efficiency of DNS algorithms is to parallelize spectral kernels using(More)
Procedural content is content which is not specified explicitly by an artist, but which is, instead, generated by a procedure or program designed by the artist. As an example, consider noise functions. The familiar White noise is a signal in which all frequencies are present at equal amplitudes, analogous to white light. Such a signal can be easily modeled(More)
—Data from gyrokinetic turbulence codes are often difficult to visualize due their high dimensionality, the nontrivial geometry of the underlying grids, and the vast range of spatial scales. We present an interactive visualization framework that attempts to address these issues. Images from a nonlinear gyro-kinetic simulation are presented. G YROKINETIC(More)