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MiPad is one of the application prototypes in a project codenamed Dr Who. As a wireless Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), MiPad fully integrates continuous speech recognition (CSR) and spoken language understanding (SLU) to enable users to accomplish many common tasks using a multimodal interface and wireless technologies. It tries to solve the problem of(More)
—This paper describes the main components of MiPad (Multimodal Interactive PAD) and especially its distributed speech processing aspects. MiPad is a wireless mobile PDA prototype that enables users to accomplish many common tasks using a multi-modal spoken language interface and wireless-data technologies. It fully integrates continuous speech recognition(More)
Reassortant bunyaviruses derived from two members of the California serogroup (La Crosse/original and Tahyna/181-57) viruses were used to demonstrate that the large Mr viral protein (L) is encoded by the L RNA segment. Radiolabelled viral proteins were analysed by discontinuous SDS-PAGE. The L protein of La Crosse virus was observed to migrate ahead of its(More)
The genome sequence of the brewery isolate Megasphaera cerevisiae NSB1 was determined. Strain NSB1 tolerates 5% (vol/vol) alcohol, which is higher than previously reported for M. cerevisiae The NSB1 genome will help elucidate genetics required for alcohol tolerance and niche adaptation of this Gram-negative beer-spoilage bacterium.
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