Derek J Gordon

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BACKGROUND The value of histological grading was examined with emphasis on reliability of assessment in 102 cases of intraoral squamous cell carcinoma from Northern Ireland with known outcome. METHODS Two pathologists independently graded the invasive tumour front blinded to the stage and outcome. RESULTS Intraobserver agreement was acceptable but(More)
A pilot study of the use of digital images as an adjunct to telephone referral was undertaken. Hand trauma represented the majority of the twenty patients included in the study, and the system was found to be an effective aid to delivering appropriate management. We have found image analysis to be a useful addition to the telephone referral process already(More)
Recent studies have suggested that variations in apoE genotypes may influence the magnitude of plasma lipid changes in response to dietary interventions. We examined the ability of apoE genotype to predict plasma lipid response to reductions in percent of calories from total fat (TF) and saturated fat (SF) in a normolipidemic study population (n = 103)(More)
Following the introduction of microsurgical techniques the availability of free tissue transfer has radically transformed reconstructive possibilities for both oncological and surgical defects. This study is a review of 100 consecutive free tissue transfers (free flaps), carried out in 96 patients over a period of 25 months in our unit. The indications for(More)
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